A Loss of a Beloved Staff Member

Dear Freedom Hill Community,

 It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of a beloved staff member, Janine Walker. Janine was diagnosed with cancer and did not back down from the fight.  She exhibited incredible strength and optimism during this time.

Janine’s most recent position at Freedom Hill was Resource Teacher.  In this role she had a direct impact on student achievement.  Her commitment and passion for the students was unmatched.

Janine was a pillar in our school community.  Last week I had a moment to speak with her after school.   Of all the many topics we could have discussed, Janine wanted to talk about our Advanced Academic Program and other school-related items.  This was the character of Janine.

We are all grieving this tremendous loss of not just an incredible teacher, but a kind and caring person.  No formal communication was given to the students regarding Janine’s passing at school.  Below are links to resources that may access to support your family during this time:

I urge you to reach out to Freedom Hill if you require additional support.  We are fortunate to have members of the FCPS Crisis Team on site to assist any staff members or students who request assistance.  We also have our Local Crisis Team in place to provide ongoing support.

Staff were encouraged to keep their focus on the smiling faces of their students to the best of their ability.  Those faces can help adults through the toughest of times. We honor Janine by committing ourselves to providing the best education to our students each and every day.


Scott E. Bloom