School Board Votes on New AAP Centers

Below is information regarding the recent School Board decision impacting the Advanced Academic Program (AAP) – Level IV.  Rising 3rd grade students at Freedom Hill found eligible for Level IV services (2013-14 school year) will have the option of attending our local Level IV program or the new program at Westbriar Elementary.  Soon, we will have an informative session for parents to attend to receive information about our Level IV Advanced Academic Program.  Since the Principal is writing this blog, he would be remiss not to take this opportunity to mention that Freedom Hill’s AAP program is exceptional!  We offer the same advanced curricula found at center programs.  If you have questions, I hope you attend our upcoming presentation (date TBD) to hear about the rigorous curricula and instruction students receive in our program at Freedom Hill.


Fairfax County School Board Votes to Open Four New AAP Centers

The Fairfax County School Board has voted to open three new advanced academic program (AAP) centers—at Lemon Road, Navy, and Westbriar Elementary Schools—in order to alleviate overcrowding at Haycock, Hunters Woods, and Louise Archer Elementary Schools. The new centers will open in fall 2013 and will be in effect for new AAP center placements for eligible students entering grade 3.

With the exception of the new AAP center at Lemon Road Elementary, rising fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students will be able to stay at their current AAP centers with transportation provided. The AAP center at Lemon Road will open in the fall with all rising third, fourth, and fifth grade AAP center eligible students from Lemon Road, Westgate, and Shrevewood Elementary Schools. All rising sixth grade AAP center eligible students will remain at their current Haycock AAP center for the 2013-14 school year, with transportation provided.

The Board also approved opening a new AAP center at South County Middle School in fall 2013 with rising seventh grade AAP center eligible students who reside in the South County Middle School attendance area. Rising eighth grade students who currently attend the Lake Braddock Secondary School AAP center can remain at Lake Braddock, and newly-eligible eighth grade AAP center students can attend Lake Braddock, with transportation provided to both groups.

Additionally, the Board voted to direct Superintendent Jack D. Dale to conduct an analysis on the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Continuum of Advanced Academic Services to ensure that current FCPS practices are aligned with best practices in K-12 gifted education. The report is to be submitted no later than June 30.

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