First Annual Freedom Hill Folk Dancing and Art Show Night!!!!

Dear Freedom Hill Parents and Students,

You have invited to join us for our first annual Freedom Hill Folk Dancing and Art Show Night.  All of the Specialist teachers have come together to create this event geared to getting parents and children together.  In many countries of the world, folk dance is an everyday part of the culture.  People come together to celebrate festivals, births, weddings, feast days and other life events through dancing.  So we want to celebrate our community here at Freedom Hill in this way.

The Music Department and Physical Education Departments are coming together to host this great event.  Folk Dancing is a way to be musical as well as physical.  From a physical standpoint:  folk dancing is a fun way of learning a lifelong physical activity that will increase heart health, muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness.  It is also a great way for kids to learn about spacial awareness and social skills.  Furthermore, on a musical standpoint:  folk dancing helps to use music and movement together to become creative, confident, have perseverance, collaborate with others, and be accountable for their own success.  This kind of dancing builds stronger relationships with all involved and allows each to depend on each other to create a product that is fun for all!

This event will be held, Thursday, February 21, 2013.  We will be having two sessions.  One beginning at 6:00PM for all parents and students in grades Kindergarten to second grade.  The second, beginning at 7:00PM for all parents and students in third through sixth grades.  Each session will be 45 minutes long; they will be filled with a variety of different styles of folk dances from various countries.

If this is not enough fun for one evening, stop by the art room!  Mrs. Dupier and Ms. Sohn are also hosting an art walk!  The art room will be magically transformed into a gallery, with student artwork available for viewing.  You just never know whose art you might see.  And just like with the folk dancing, you should watch your step- the art walk will have arrows on the floor, walls, and all around the room for traffic flow.

We hope that you can join us for this wonderful event.  The only thing we ask is that you come to dance (parent and child together), wear comfortable clothes and shoes, leave your worries behind you, and expect nothing but fun and excitement.  We are very excited to be hosting this event for the first time here at Freedom Hill.  Come and celebrate with us!!!!

With great anticipation,

The Specialist Team:

Ian Dowling & Maeve Deeney [Physical Education]

Gretchen Liechty Lynch & Victoria Schubert [General Music]

Sallie Dupier & Judy Sohn [Art]