Boosterthon Fundraiser Parent Information

From the Boosterthon Team:

Dear Parents –

Our Boosterthon kicks off April 2nd and we’d like to share with you what will be going on at Freedom Hill Elementary and answer a few questions that you may have.

The Boosterthon Fun Run will be on April 11th with Pre-k – 2nd running at 1:00pm and 3rd-6th running at 2:15. We invite all of you to come join the fun and support your children, their classes and our school in this exciting event.  Students should wear their Boosterthon t-shirts (laps will be marked by an adult on the back of each shirt) and sneakers.

Our big goal with bringing in the Boosterthon Team, is to gain enough funds to have an IPAD cart to enhance the education of our students.

So what makes Boosterthon different than other fundraisers?

  •  The Boosterthon team is dedicated to the school and spend the entire 9 days here on campus running the program from beginning to end. They arrive by 8AM or even earlier and often don’t leave until after many staff members have left for the day.
  • Students are receiving daily lessons on MAKING GOOD CHOICES. The Boosterthon team is spending 5-7 minutes a day in each classroom talking to students about leadership, character, fitness, learning and having a good attitude. Their lessons are valuable, creative and really get the students thinking about how they can be the best they can be.
  • Every single day, the Boosterthon team makes phone calls to confirm pledges so that sponsors know what they have agreed to and also to say thanks.
  • When in the classrooms, earned prizes are distributed, but they celebrate team victories and the importance of supporting classmates above all else.
  • Every single classroom has a list of team incentives they get when they reach a certain goal – as a team. Things such as Popcorn Friday and 10 minutes of extra recess are given to the WHOLE class, no matter who has received pledges.
  • Every students AND teacher received a t-shirt for the day of the Fun Run on Team Day 1.
  • Every classroom has received a book that they can keep in their class library that talks about MAKING GOOD CHOICES, with a shorter book for younger grades and a chapter book for older grades.
  • For every basketball hoop set that a student earns in the school, one set is given to a child in a local hospital as a part of the Boosterthon Give Back Program. 

Just so you know

  •  The actual “track” that is created for the Fun Run is only 1/16 of a mile. The kids are not running the whole time and they will be having fun. There will be laps such as the High Five Lap, the Dancing Lap, and Skipping a Lap. They really make it fun! No kids are required to run and teachers will take the same precautions with any student who needs help as they would in PE or recess, such as the use of an inhaler for asthma.
  • The teachers (known as COACHES this week), will be checking off laps on the kid’s t-shirts every time they make it around and cheering them on the whole time.  Some teachers will be running, too.  Because so many students will be running at the same time, we ask that parents not run with us, but cheer from the sidelines.
  • Water stations will be provided and worked by dedicated Freedom Hill PTA volunteers.
  • Freedom Hill will be receiving the same percentage of revenues if not better from this fundraiser as we would as we would accrue selling wrapping paper or cookie dough, but instead of using up the product in a few weeks, we’ll have more technology and a better playground for our students!

We are excited that the Boosterthon team is coming to our school.  Their enthusiasm will be infectious and everyone is eagerly anticipating the kick off.  Thank you for all of your support.  We hope to see you at the fun run!!