BOOSTERTHON STARTS TODAY!!!! A message from the PTA!



 We are so excited to welcome Boosterthon to Freedom Hill.  It all begins today.  By next week we hope to have raised over $15,000 to put toward both technology (iPads, an iPad cart, and more computers) and to furnish the courtyard that should be beautiful this spring.

But Boosterthon is much more than that.  Through the Boosterthon Highway USA to Good Choices campaign, we hope to reinforce the notions of Leadership, Learning Attitude, Character and Fitness.  It’s an interactive character program and a fun fitness event.  

Our Freedom Hill students LOVE the running program that Mr. Dowling and Ms. Deeney have established so they will love putting all that training to work to raise money for Freedom Hill.  

 We hope that you will join us NEXT THURSDAY to the actual Boosterthon Fun Run (APRIL 11 again at 1:00 for K-2 and preschool and 2:15 for 3-6 and special needs students). 

 Please help your student collect pledges for laps run. Boosterthon suggests each student get 10 pledges. You can have family, friends, neighbors and busiesses pledge a $1 a lap. The laps are capped at 35 so that would be a $35 donation at most. 

For more information about Boosterthon click here or here for a little mini-clip about out Boosterthon event.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.