Zeenat Azad: 29 Years on “The Hill”

After serving in the role of FECEP Assistant (part of the Early Childhood Department) for 29 years at Freedom Hill, Zeenat Azad has recently retired.  Those of you that ever had the wonderful opportunity to be in her presence realize what an amazing person Ms. Azad is and how much she has given to our great school.  Ms. Azad greeted our youngest students each and every day with a warm smile and heart of gold.  Her commitment to ensuring all students receive the very best education and have opportunities to develop socially and emotionally is unmatched.  We will never be able to replace Ms. Azad, but administration refused to sign her retirement form unless she promised to come back to visit often!  Working alongside Ms. Azad has enabled all of us to gain clarity about our role as educators and how bringing a positive outlook to school every day is what our children deserve.

To Ms. Azad: It isn’t goodbye.  It’s see you later.

Enjoy these pictures from the retirement celebration held on June 3, 2013: