New Dismissal Procedures & Celebration Guidelines

The following information will also be included with the Welcome Back Letter.  Thank you in advance for supporting these new procedures and guidelines.  Please contact administration if you have any questions or concerns.


Kiss & Ride and “Walker” procedures have been greatly modified for safety and security.  All Kiss & Ride students and students who walk with an adult will now be supervised within the building at dismissal.  Every student at Freedom Hill will receive an assigned number (siblings will be assigned the same number).  The number will be placed on cardstock paper and given to parents during Open House and/or the 1st day of school.  This number must be displayed on your vehicle’s dash for Kiss & Ride pick-up.  Parents walking to school must report to the SACC entrance at the far right of the front of the building and also provide their assigned number.  No longer will parents be able to wait in the lobby or the sidewalk to gain access to their child without identification.  As numbers are communicated to staff inside electronically, students will be allowed to exit the SACC door to enter the vehicle or walk home, greatly increasing safety and security.  Please don’t forget your number on the days you will utilize Kiss & Ride or when you are walking with your child in the afternoons. 

Parents/Guardians who do not display their assigned number to staff (Kiss & Ride or Walkers) will be directed to the front office to show identification before we release the child(ren).  Safety continues to be our #1 priority.  Thank you in advance for adhering to this new protocol.  Having a system to identify who we are releasing our students to is critical.


School Celebrations – New Guideline!!!!

We have much to celebrate at Freedom Hill.  The most popular – birthdays and holidays!  Every birthday and holiday is special and deserves to be celebrated.  At Freedom Hill, we are placing limitations on such celebrations.  Food of any kind brought to school for celebration is no longer permissible.  We have seen an increase in students with severe allergies in the building.  Too, childhood obesity continues to be a nation-wide concern.  Parents may take advantage of alternatives to celebrate with their child’s classroom such as distributing pencils, erasers, or other appropriate, student-friendly items.  Again, no food of any kind is allowed for celebrations (including birthdays and holidays).  Thank you in advance for your understanding.  Healthy students are happy students who are available for learning!  Any exception to this guideline will be communicated by administration prior to the event.  Balloons continue to not be permissible at school due to allergies.