PTA: Gift Card Orders Due

Gift Card Orders Due

Tuesday, December 10

by 4 P.M.

 FHES PTA sells gift cards at face value that we are able to purchase through GLScrip. Gift cards are your solution to one stop shopping.  The gift cards are the same ones you would purchase at Macy’s, Starbucks, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Marshalls, Panera, AMC, etc, but help the PTA earn much needed revenue.  

 Gift cards make great presents for teachers, staff, coaches, babysitters, stocking stuffers, or are even a great treat for yourself.  You can also purchase the gift cards and then use them to buy the gifts or every day items you planned on purchasing anyway.  FHES earns anywhere between 4-17% depending on the vendor.  We only hold this sale twice a year (now and at the end of the school year).  

 Orders will be due December 10 and gift cards will be distributed December 16.   You can complete this form and leave it with your check made payable to FHES in the PTA box in the school office by Tuesday at 4 pm or if you’re in a bind, email Phyllis Woods with your order no later than 7 pm on Tuesday, December 10 and then leave your check in the box by Wednesday, December 11.  

 One last note, you can order any of the cards on the order form or any of the cards available at GLScip.  Questions?  Contact Phyllis Woods.

 Please support FHES PTA!

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