A Message from the PTA: Read-A-Thon

Post by Dianne Gurdak, PTA President:


We’ve had a few questions about the Magic Show Friday evening.  First, if you are unable to come, don’t worry!  We will miss you, but your kids will receive their prizes from their teachers sometime next week.

Second, all Freedom Hill families are invited to come.  if you have preschool children you would like to bring, we welcome them as well.

We only ask that you remember this is a show meant for everyone’s enjoyment.  THIS IS NOT A DROP OFF EVENT.  Parents are excepted to make sure their kids comport themselves in such a manner that everyone can enjoy the show.  Children (of any age) that are not quiet and attentive will be asked to hang out in the hall with their parents.  The show is only 45 minutes long.

Finally, your PTA Board plans to spend Friday morning tallying tickets received per student.  If anyone has free time Friday morning and would like to help out, please join us in the conference room in the office.

We will announce total school-wide minutes read, class totals, total amount raised and over ticket winner totals Friday night.

Remember to collect your pledges this week. Tickets will only be given for amounts COLLECTED.  If you bring in more next week, we will adjust your totals and prizes if need be.

Questions?  Feel free to email me.