Ms. Stride, FHES Crossing Guard, Visits FECEP!

Blog by Mary Gutenson, FECEP (Family and Early Childhood Education Program) Teacher:

Cathy Stride, the Freedom Hill crossing guard, came and talked with the FECEP/Head Start students about her job in our community.  She told the students that her job was to help kids get to and from school safely.  She explained to them in order to be safe they needed to listen to her directions, walk only in a marked cross walk, and make sure they always crossed with an adult.  She showed the students her uniform which consisted of a whistle, hat, bright yellow vest, and bright yellow gloves.  She explained to the students that the color of her vest and gloves helps the cars see her and helps them know when to stop.  She allowed the children to pass around and look at her uniform.  She left the children a paper to share with their parents and their very own whistle to take home.  The children enjoyed learning about one of the many community helpers in our community.