New Staff Members and New Assignments!

Freedom Hill’s New Staff Members

It is an honor to welcome the following top-notch staff to the Freedom Hill Family:

•Rebecca Kingsley, Preschool teacher coming from James Madison University
•Kimberly Forte, 4th grade coming from Stenwood ES
•Taylor Rudd, Guidance coming from Terra Centre ES
•Meihua Qian, ESOL coming from Glen Forest ES
•Annette Young, ESOL coming from Lorton Station ES
•Gail Horton, Instructional Coach coming from Bailey’s ES
•Jody Delaney, Music coming from Kent Gardens ES
•Leland Devine, Building Supervisor coming from the Department of Defense
•Christopher Riechers, Band, and Mary Frank, Strings, join our team
•Kristina Martell joins us in the role of School Psychologist
•Patti Page, Behavior Intervention Teacher, coming from Marshall Road ES
•Related Services – Katie White, Adaptive Physical Education, Chris Sanders and Erika Craig-Wanchick, Occupational Therapists, Rose Verbout, Physical Therapist, Jacqueline Preston, Hearing Itinerant

Freedom Hill Staff Changing Assignments:

•Jill Price, moving from 2nd grade to 4th grade teacher
•Erika Davis, moving from 1st grade teacher to part-time Guidance Counselor
•Cristy Nowak, moving from 5th grade to 6th grade teacher
•Lindsay Rosenberg, moving from kindergarten to 1st grade teacher
•Laura Nussbaum, moving from 4th grade to 2nd grade teacher
•Beth Anderson, moving from Intervention Specialist to Special Education teacher