Freedom Hill Installs A Little Free Library!

Blog by Mrs. Rossman, Reading Specialist:

Kilmer students began working on Little Free Libraries for a handful of schools in the area two years ago and delivered them this summer.  A big thank you to Mr. Sizemore of Kilmer for leading this work with his students. We’ve finally gotten our beautiful Little Free Library mounted and ready to go!  In the Little Free Library, you will find a handful of books that can start our collection off.  All you have to do to use it is just reach in and take a book!  But, to keep our collection fresh, bring some books your children have grown out of to replace books you’ve taken or borrowed.  Or just to add to our collection! This is ideally located on the back of the shed behind the basketball court at the school.  It even allows parents to grab a book on their way to the soccer field with younger siblings to keep them entertained!  This is for our community and guests to our community, we aren’t concerned about books disappearing as that’s the point!  Start enjoying our Little Free Library today!