Miss Davis’ Lego Project & Donor’s Choose!

Blog by Miss Davis, Professional School Counselor:

Miss Davis’ Lego Project is funded through the generous donors at Donor’s Choose!

These Legos will be used in small groups and individual counseling sessions to allow children something to focus on while we’re talking. Students are more likely to talk through their issues if they’re talking about them while working on something else. Legos also give them the opportunity to create something they can be proud of. She will use Legos during play therapy as well. Children benefit from having the option to act things out through play. Legos also have a calming effect on students (and teachers) who come to her office for a break from a stressful day.

Building with Legos improves confidence, flexibility in thinking, spacial awareness, communication and collaboration and social skills. Children can make connections to the outside world and express life events through play therapy. Legos provide a calm, accepting, structured, and predictable environment. Children working in groups learn how to work together and rely on others to create a common masterpiece. They aid in problem solving and expression of feelings.

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Erika M. Davis, M.Ed, NBCT

Professional School Counselor

Freedom Hill Elementary


(703) 506-7800

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