FHES Spelling Bee: An Enormous Success!

Blog by Dr. Thyaga Nandagopal, parent and organizer of this special event:

The 2015 Freedom Hill Spelling Bee was held on Thursday, 19th February, and it was a smashing success. Thirty-six finalists participated with a large audience of parents and supporters, numbering more than a hundred. The atmosphere was electric – thanks to the competitors’ spirit and the audience support. Kudos to each and every child who stepped on to the stage without a hint of hesitation and gave their very best today. We are all very proud of them.

Twelve kids lasted past 10 rounds, and congratulations to the eventual winner, Natalie Ghofrany (Grade 4 – Roque), and to the runner-up,  Shrey Desai (Grade 2 – Nussbaum), for going head-to-head all the way to 26 rounds.  The following kids are also recognized for their performance on various aspects: Taggie Gomtsyan (for Sportsmanship), Sheena Anishraj (for Best Enunciation), Deveshwar Sudhakar (for Spirit), and Shrey Desai (for Poise).

Special thanks to our teachers, Ms. Sheila Brosnan and Ms. Katherine Trott, for acting as the judges for the event.