Algebra in Miss Roque’s Class: Building a Mall!

Blog by Miss Roque:

Over the past few weeks, students in Ms. Roque’s math class have been learning Algebra.  We have learned how to solve for a single variable in an equation as well as two variables in an equation.

Since we have learned how to solve for a equations that have variables, we decided to open up our own “mall”.  Ms. Roque’s Mall included stores like AMC Theaters, La Madeline, Candy Heaven, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks, Adidas, Nike and the Lego Store.

Students had to create advertisements for the store of their choice using variables to solve.  Then they opened up their store!  Other students had to solve for the variables at each store and get the store owner’s signature to prove that they bought/identified the value of the variable.

What a great way to end our year in math with a project!