A Message from Julia Stanford, FHES PTA President


Dear Parents,

We’re finally here!  The last week of school! I don’t know about you but I’m certainly looking forward to a relaxing summer break.

We do have a few things to wrap up.  If you were not able to purchase gift cards or missed the deadline, we do have a few extra left over:

Gap (1) $25

iTunes (5) $15

Starbucks (5) $10

Panera (3) $25

Subway (3) $10

Dunkin Donuts (5) $10

Amazon (2) $25

Chipotle (5) $10

If you are interested in purchasing these, please contact Phyllis Woods.

This is the LAST CALL for PTA reimbursable expenses for 2014-15 school year.  Please send in your expense receipts to get reimbursed as we would like all expenses paid out by June 20 so that we can close the financial books for the year.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the PTA will not be organizing school supply kits for next year.  Mr. Bloom will post the lists on the school website this summer once they are completed.  I will also try to send a blast out and/or post them on the PTA website as well.

If you had ordered a reversible basketball jersey order this order was cancelled due to a lack of interest.    If you ordered via P4SSO a refund check has been sent.  If you paid by check, your check will be destroyed.

While we did say goodbye to many people at our final PTA meeting, I did want to again say goodbye to our staff members who will be leaving:

Laura Nussbaum

Linda Trossbach

Erin Schmitz

Beth Anderson

Jody Delaney

Rebecca Kingsley

Edel VanAcker

Erin Snell

Erika Davis

Maeve Deeney

Holly Day

Thank you for working with our children at FHES. We hope your future endeavor, whatever that may be, will bring you great happiness.  We will miss you all!

As we end the year, there are alot of other  “thank yous” to hand out.

First off, the PTA would like to thank the parents who volunteered their time to help make Field Day another success.  These dedicated volunteers helped deliver pizzas, scoop ice cream, clean messes, and bring smiles to the many wonderful little faces that make Freedom Hill what it is.  Thank you!!!

Next, we owe an extra special thank you to all of the Giant Bonus Bucks chairs for their hard work.  This year, because of their hard work, Freedom Hill earned  over $11,000 from Giant!  The check was given directly to Principal Bloom, and is used to fund many of the wonderful things that the school provides our kids.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the final carwash.  All funds raised go directly to the school for technology funding.

Thank you to every single volunteer who made this year successful and helped to support all of our children.  Whether your volunteer efforts were large or small, the PTA appreciates the extra time and effort that you provided to maintain our mission of providing for our children.  While I wanted to list all of the volunteers by name I was afraid of missing someone and I don’t want anyone to feel left out of this enormous thank you.

My final thank you is to the board members.  While I may have been the recognizable “face” of the PTA this year, there is so much more work that is done behind the scenes by our dedicated board members.   Thank you!

Have a safe and relaxing summer!

(Don’t forget that school releases 2 hours early this Friday.)

Julia Stanford 

President, FHES PTA