Mrs. Johnston’s Class Hosts a Special Guest!

Blog by Mrs. Johnston, 2nd grade teacher:

Last week Mrs. Johnston’s class had a special guest at their morning meeting. Emma’s mom, Angelique Mai, come in and shared a cradleboard that was given to her from a former teacher. The cradleboard is from a Navajo tribe that she grew up next to as a child in New Mexico.

Mrs. Angelique taught the students that the cradleboard was used by the people as a way to keep the baby safe and in place while the women did chores around the home. The cradleboard was used for infants until they were able to sit up on their own. We learned all the parts of the cradleboard and how each part protected the baby and kept them safe. When the cradleboard was not being used, it was hug on the wall as a decoration.

The students loved getting to have the cradleboard in our class for over a week and be hands on with it, taking the baby in and out, and lacing it up.

C Jennings Johnston

2nd  Grade Teacher

Freedom Hill ES