Mrs. Nowak’s 5th Grade Scientists at Work!

Blog by Mrs. Nowak: Mrs. Nowak’s 5th Grade class investigated the effect of salinity and temperature on the density of water.  Using clear plastic shoe boxes, filled with about 700 ml of room temperature water as ocean basins, we added 60 ml of water prepared in different densities.  The green water was prepared by adding […]

Strep Throat: What do I need to know?

Information provided by Ms. Goldstein, our Public Health Nurse: The typical treatment course for strep throat involves prescribing an antibiotic to reduce the bacterial load sufficiently to allow the patient’s own immune system illness to stop the illness. According to communicable disease experts, most children are able to return to school 24 hours after beginning […]

PTA Winter Enrichment Activities are Here!

2016_Winter_AfterSchool_activities-final Registration for winter enrichment activities closes at midnight on Sunday, January 10! Register online at The PTA is offering twelve enrichment activities this fall. There’s something for everyone, including sports, art, music, and STEM. Classes meet at Freedom Hill for one hour, either before or after school. Please contact Tyra Wolfsberg ( with […]

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