Student Jackson Allen Wins Gunston Hall Writing Program!

Blog by Miss Roque, Jackson’s teacher:

During the winter months, students in Ms. Roque’s Classroom entered a writing contest that Gunston Hall had for fourth grade students.

The students had to answer the question, “George Mason acted as a patriot and did not sign the Constitution because it did not include a Bill of Rights, when is a time that you or someone you know stood up and acted as a patriot?”

Students worked on their entries for the contest and submitted their essays.

This past week we heard back from Gunston Hall and for the second year in a row we have a winner from Freedom Hill.

This year our winner is Jackson Allen.  Honorable mentions were Michael Stanford, Sofia Linder, Sophia Welch, and Rishi Vanka.

Congratulations to all students for their hard work and effort!

Additional Photos: