Spelling Bee Winners Announced!

A message from our parent coordinator, Thyaga Nandagopal is below:

Thank you for your child’s participation in the Freedom Hill Spelling Bee Finals today. It was an exciting competition, going on to 17 rounds, with Hrishi Desai (Grade 5 – Ms. Bliss) being crowned as the winner and Peter Kiel (Grade 4 – Ms. Roque) as the school runner-up.  Priya Draude (Grade 4 – Ms. Roque) was the second runner-up.  The winning word was ‘volition’.  Nearly 100 people were in attendance to watch this fantastic event, and the SCA also raised funds for their charity drive for the local animal shelter through snack sales. Special mention goes to Ashvita Kakkirenni (Grade 1 – Ms. Huebner, 7 rounds), Reeha Nori (Grade 2 – Ms. Petruzzellis, 8 rounds), and Arya Adhikari (Grade 3 – Ms. Stewart,  13 rounds).  Thanks to all the parents, judges Ms. Berg and Mr. Waldrip, the FHES PTA, SCA students and Ms. Anderson, teachers, and Mr. Bloom for enabling this event.

I look forward to seeing you all next year as well at the 2020 FHES Spelling Bee.

Attached are some pictures from the event.