SCA Spirit Week – Week of April 8th!!!

Mon. Apr.8 – Freedom Hill Spirit Wear Day: Because Positivity starts HERE!

Tues. Apr. 9 – College Day favorite college-wear or college colors, to share our dreams for the future with the patients we are helping support.

Wed Apr. 10 – Rainbow Day –  Celebrate with this symbol of hope by having each grade wear a different color:  

6th: Red

5th: orange and yellow

4th: green

3rd: blue

2nd: violet, purple, indigo

1st: pink or white

Kindergarten/PreK; Multi color, tie dye, sparkles, rainbows, etc.

BONUS: This will look amazing as we sit in the audience to watch the Variety Show! Photo op!!!

Thurs. Apr. 11 – Black and Neon Day,  to show that “there is light and hope in the darkness” ~Hrishi Desai

Fri. Apr. 12 – Tacky Tourist Day – wear vacation-style or Hawaiian shirts that you would wear on a beachy vacation to celebrate the kick off of Spring Break.